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» Netflix CEO Reed Hastings On The NBN, Piracy And Launching In Australia

“We’ve been watching the Australian market for a number of years. Five years ago most of the residential plans had fairly low [data] caps and you had BigPond with Telstra and [certain] data was exempted and others wasn’t so it was pretty cosy and Telstra…I’m searching for a better word than dominated,” he laughed, “was a powerful market player there.”

Heh. Reed Hastings knows what’s up. He’s on the right side of entertainment history and he knows it.

“I’ve never seen anything like it where there’s no good internet [streaming] services for five years and then three, boom,” he says, mimicking an explosion with his hands. “The competition between us [Stan, Presto and Netflix] will be fun and intense and great for Australians.

He’s right, we are going to be the winners. Well, unless something you want to watch is on Presto. Sorry Presto.