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Building Netflix Australia.

» Building Netflix Australia: How Netflix Is Gearing Up For The Land Down Under – GizmodoAU

“Slow internet has always been a challenge. We have slow internet in the US as well. Everywhere else in the world, DSL works a whole lot better than it does here in the US,” Neil Hunt says with a wry smile. “Conversely though, we also have some of the highest [speeds] though like Google Fiber and some other providers’ cable connections are very good. The performance is varied, so we spent a lot of time getting [dynamic streaming] right.”

Hunt explains that because the information being streamed live and real time, the company can find a way to pass three streams at once to a customer.

“Netflix is unlike a phone call or a video conference, it doesn’t have to be continuous and uninterrupted. We can build a buffer of two to three to five minutes, deplete that and then build it up again, and we’ve put a lot of energy into the algorithms to be predictive.”

The technology behind how Netflix actually works is fascinating.